Cerveza Fiesta is a family business, it was established in 2016 in Joliet, Illinois by Ruben Quintana. Ruben is a Mexican immigrant, who immigrates to the United States of America in the early 1990’s to reunite with part of his family who were living in the USA. After years of hard work as a concrete finisher, he decided to continue his education and earned an Associate Degree in Mechanical Design from Joliet Junior College. Ruben doesn’t feel comfortable enough with his life style and achievements at that time, so he decided to pursue his lifelong dream of develop and own a beer brand. He started by enrolling in a Craft Brewing Certification at the Madison Area Technical College, while attending the college in Madison related with the people whom later helped him to continue with his dream which later converted into a project and that project into Cerveza fiesta.

Ruben choose the name Fiesta for our brand, because it is a very powerful word, it is easy to remember, pronounce, and write. Most of the people know the meaning of this word that is a synonym of festival, carnival, holiday, celebtation, and that translates into great times with family and friends. Fiesta is a celebration, Fiesta is happiness, and everybody wants to have a lot of moments of celebration and happiness in their life. At Cerveza Fiesta we want to be part of your Celebration and Happiness, we want to be part of the Fiesta of your life. For Ruben Fiesta is a commitment to create a legacy for his family, personal achievement and pride, but also an opportunity to create opportunities for others.

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